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Loar Guitars
Posted on 10.12.16 by The Mommy Blogger @

There are so many types of guitars out there and if my husband has his own way he would buy them all everything from the loar guitars to the classic Fenders. Guitars are so much like tattoos it seems. Once you start getting them you just can’t stop! It is like a guitar addiction. I suppose that if you play guitars and you actually use them then there is a least that value in it. He does play all of his guitars – not at the same time but he does use them for different things. My favorite is his acoustic guitar.

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Bath Toys
Posted on 10.06.16 by The Mommy Blogger @

Keep you kids bath toys clean. If you let them sit in a small puddle of water after the bathtub has drained they are going to get slimy and eventually full of mold or mildew….gross. Get a plastic basket to store them in that has holes in the bottom of it. Or get a plastic bag and put holes in the bottom and after you put all the toys in it then hang up the bag on the tub faucet so that it can drain. Don’t let your kids play with gross and slimy toys. Just because they are in the bath doesn’t mean they are clean!

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Best Audio Interface for MAC
Posted on 09.26.16 by The Mommy Blogger @

I love my MAC. I used to own a PC and I really did not like it. But I was very reluctant to switch over but i did when my husband did. And I am not a MAC user. I do not like the pc that I have to work on at work. I really like my mac and I find you can do so much more with it. And it will not crash because of nasty viruses. And you can get great software for it. Infact, my husband has a mac just for his computer. I wouldn’t be surprise if he didn’t already have the best audio interface for mac on it.

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Teen creates video for Grammy winner Danny Weinkauf
Posted on 08.16.16 by The Mommy Blogger @

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