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Making Your House Attractive For Buyers
Posted on 12.18.13 by The Mommy Blogger @

If you have a growing family, there is going to come a time when your existing home just doesn’t have enough space. While there are ways to add additional living area – such as finishing your basement or building a sunroom – you may reach the conclusion that there is no choice but to find a larger house.




If you do decide to do this, you will want to get the maximum sale price that you can for your current home. While things such as the size of your house, where it is located, and the current state of the housing market all have a major impact on your house’s selling price, how potential buyers perceive your home can also have a significant influence. The typical buyer wants a home that they can move into with very little effort, while still being able to put their own stamp on the property.


The first place to start is with your garden. Make sure that you mow your lawn regularly – and put in the extra effort to keep the edges neatly trimmed. If it is fall, rake up the leaves as soon as they hit the grass. During the winter months, do a proper job of shoveling out your path, and sweep all the snow off your doorstep. Also, pay attention to the curb and sidewalk outside your house – clear the snow from the sidewalk in winter, and make sure that both are clean the rest of the year. This includes removing weeds and getting rid of any trash that accumulates at the side of the road.


You also need to make the effort to get the outside of your house into good condition. Do any minor repairs that are needed – such as replacing broken or rusted hardware on your doors and windows. Look at your exterior paint – for example, on your window frames – to see if there is any peeling or chipping. Is there is, strip off the affected areas and repaint them. It is also important to check your roof – there is nothing that makes a house look worse than loose tiles or shingles. If you do find problems, get them fixed by a professional – for example, if you live in the Seattle-Tacoma area, get in contact with a Bellevue roofing contractor.




Finally, make the interior of your home attractive for buyers. It goes without saying that you need to keep your house neat and tidy, but there is more to it than that. Eliminate unnecessary clutter, since this will make your house seem small – for example, is there is too much furniture in a room, consider putting some of it into storage. Traffic flow is also important – buyers should be able to move easily from room to room. Also, consider painting your interior walls a light, neutral color – again, this will make your house seem larger, and will eliminate any conflicts between your own personal taste in decor and those of potential buyers.

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Personalized Baby Gifts Keepsakes
Posted on 12.15.13 by The Mommy Blogger @

Kids just grow up so quickly…first you are going to the baby shower and then you are seeing them go to kindergarten and then college…it just goes by so quickly. So to get those personalized baby gifts when they are first born and very little is just a nice reminder and a great keepsake to have and to just cherish forever because they grow up too quickly. And they have so many gifts these days that can be personalized that are really cute.

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Ideas For Refinishing Your Basement
Posted on 12.10.13 by The Mommy Blogger @

Have you ever opened that door in your kitchen and looked down into your dark, uninviting basement? It seems such a waste to just use it to store all those boxes that you have never opened since you moved in. When you consider that a basement is just like having a whole extra floor in your house, then there has to be something better that you can do with it. Well there is – here are some great ideas for making your basement somewhere you can really enjoy.




With winter coming on, all of those great outdoor summer activities are coming to an end. Unless you are into winter sports, then there aren’t many options other than heading out to the gym every day to keep yourself in shape. The problem is that wrapping up, jumping in your car and driving to your gym is – honestly – a pain, which is why we all start out with good intentions and then give up a few weeks later. Instead of doing this, why not put a gym in your basement? Not only will it keep you fit, you’ll end up saving all those gym fees. If you talk to an experienced contractor such as Wow Basements remodeling can be done in a few weeks, and you’ll be all ready to start working up a sweat.


Alternatively, if you have a growing family, you’re probably wondering how you can give each of your kids their own room. When they are little, it’s okay to have them sleeping stacked up on bunk beds, but as they become older they need their space. If your basement is big enough – and most basements are – then why not put in a couple of bedrooms for the kids? You could even put in a kids’ playroom as well, which will give them somewhere to bring their friends. Once you do this, you’ll free up that bedroom upstairs, which you could then convert into that home office or even luxurious dressing room that you always wanted.


Here’s another idea – put in a home theater downstairs. This can be a little expensive – although there are ways that you can save money – but you’ll get many hours of enjoyment and entertainment all in the comfort of your own home. Of course, you’ll still want to go out to the movie theater from time to time, but you’ll be surprised just how much fun it is to settle down in front of the big screen with a bowl of homemade popcorn after you have put the kids to bed.

Finally, if you like having other people over, consider converting your basement into an entertainment room. You could put in a bar, a bit TV and even a pool or snooker table. If the area is big enough, you could even put in a small dance floor with lights and a decent sound system – which is absolutely great when you throw a party.

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My Cousin’s Wedding Favors
Posted on 12.10.13 by The Mommy Blogger @

So, my cousin is getting married. And she is well…shall we say not too good at coordinating and planning things. She is a bit of a scatterbrain that always had mommy doing everything for her. So planning her wedding by herself has been a little bit of a disaster. She keeps on changing the date and she already has changed the color and the bridesmaids dresses like 2 times – that is not good. So, then she has a catalog of wedding favors and she is just picking the stupidest things…things that the guests will never use and they will just go right to the trash can. What a waste of money…if you are going to have wedding favors and spend money on them…then get things that are nice that the guests are going to enjoy taking home!

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