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Super Household Tips For Moms!!

Posted on 04.18.17 by The Mommy Blogger @

My husband got a new job finally! So, he felt the need to celebrate and he really wants a new guitar. He always talks about getting a great guitar like a peavey but for the past year or two it really was not in our best interest financially. It still really isn’t but he is happier with his new job and is in a much better place mentally because of it so, I did give him the go ahead to get one. I thought it was actually very nice of him to even ask.

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Bubble Pack For Hard Benches
Posted on 03.20.17 by The Mommy Blogger @

How many times have you been to your kids baseball games or football games and you have to sit out there on the hard benches. If you happen to have some bubble wrap then this could solve your problem for the game. Just sit on that – it will actually give you that softer seat as well as not making the benches so cold. You could also purchase a cushion for the benches but you can use this in a pinch if you need a softer seat to sit on!

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Triangle Direct Media
Posted on 03.11.17 by The Mommy Blogger @

It is s difficult to sometime meet the needs financially of raising a family. I use to think that it cost a lot when they were babies because of all the diapers and special foods and toys but as they get little older it is just as hard if not more so! Sometimes I think maternity leave should be an 18 year sort of thing! But companies like Triangle Direct Media are great for that part time working mom or that mom that is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom but would like to make a little extra money while their babies are sleeping 🙂

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Chaos After School
Posted on 03.10.17 by The Mommy Blogger @

Why is it that you can have your younger children at home but when you through the other child in the mix after school is done around 4 p.m. there is total chaos.  I just have to seperate them before the fighting starts.  I think that prevention is best in all areas and that includes parenting!

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