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Childrens Clothes
Posted on 02.28.15 by The Mommy Blogger @

There is something about accessories that just makes an outfit nicer and more complete. Even at that very young age little girls of consciously aware of accessories and like to have the hats, scarfs, bows and handbags. They like to dress it up and look like mommy with pretty accessories. Naartjie has a fabulous selection of childrens clothes to choose from for both boys and girls.

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Personalized Baby Gifts Keepsakes
Posted on 12.15.14 by The Mommy Blogger @

Kids just grow up so quickly…first you are going to the baby shower and then you are seeing them go to kindergarten and then college…it just goes by so quickly. So to get those personalized baby gifts when they are first born and very little is just a nice reminder and a great keepsake to have and to just cherish forever because they grow up too quickly. And they have so many gifts these days that can be personalized that are really cute.

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Do You Eat Your Babies Baby food?
Posted on 04.13.12 by The Mommy Blogger @

Is it just me or has baby food gotten really good in the last 5 years. I just got some bananas for my baby and they’re even better than when I gave them to my other daughter 5 years ago. The bananas are just the best!! If you ask me baby food would be a great healthy snack if you are on a diet.

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Clean Up That Baby Spit Up!
Posted on 01.13.12 by The Mommy Blogger @

Baby spit up stains – I have so many stains to prove it too…on clothes and on carpets. If you get it while it is still fresh then the stink and the stain will be quickly gone. Clean up an particles or solid stuff from the spit up and then get a wet cloth dipped in baking soda and just dab it on the area and it should do the trick!

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