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Childrens Clothes
Posted on 02.28.15 by The Mommy Blogger @

There is something about accessories that just makes an outfit nicer and more complete. Even at that very young age little girls of consciously aware of accessories and like to have the hats, scarfs, bows and handbags. They like to dress it up and look like mommy with pretty accessories. Naartjie has a fabulous selection of childrens clothes to choose from for both boys and girls.

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Get The Stink Out Of A Vomit Stain
Posted on 08.22.13 by The Mommy Blogger @

OK – I know this is a disgusting subject – but when you child throws up on a bed or a couch or gets it on any material it really stinks! And you can wash it and try to mask it with febreeze but it is still there. The only way I have successfully gotten the stink out of vomit is Baking Soda. If it is a fresh mess then clean it up and sprinkle baking soda on it and rub it in gently. Then just vacuum it up when it dries. If it is a spot that has already dried make a baking soda and water mixture and work it in. Let it dry and then dust it off or vacuum it off. It really works!

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Posted on 09.29.12 by The Mommy Blogger @

So, I am cleaning today – I can not stand the clutter and I have just had it. So what I do is I put things in a garbage bag that I think my kids really don’t play with – I have 2 garbage bags full. And these are still really nice and working toys. I will put them in storage until Christmas – if they don’t miss them then they will go to the salvation army. I have a bag up I put away back in January…they have not missed it so I am heading out to the salvation army this week.

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The Chores Idea
Posted on 07.22.12 by The Mommy Blogger @

Here is a great idea I was reading up on this week. I am always doing all the chores in the house and my daughter is getting older so I give her things to pick up. Nothing much but she has to clean up the messes that she makes now. That is not much to ask. But there will be a time where I will have children that are all of age to actually have a chore once a week whether it is the dishes or vacuuming. Why not put all the chores in a hat along with something that says “no chores for you!” – then they can pick their chores randomly every week and may even get that lucky paper!!

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