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Eatting Out
Posted on 12.14.15 by The Mommy Blogger @

Now that the colder weather is here…I think a lot of businesses are going to feel it. Many people are not going to be going out to the restaurants especially if the flu hits as hard as they say it will. I know that personally, I will not be going out to resturants to have who knows who prepare my food. These people go to work when they are sick all the time which is not right but I am not about to risk it this flu season!

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Posted on 08.31.12 by The Mommy Blogger @

So, I was on this baby site and I came across something called Maternity Insurance? I was very interested. You can actually get a maternity card that will help you pay for your doctor bills and prenatal care if you do not have insurance.

If you have insurance you never really see the bill when you have a baby at least I didn’t but it is really expensive! Imagine having to come up with almost $19,000! Apparently, MaternityCard experts can bring it down as low as $3,400 – it is still a lot of money but a whole lot better than almost $20,000. This card is a national health care company that has contracts with many PPO networks that is how they can “reprice” for you. There is insurance everywhere out there for anyone for just about anything – from maternity to boat insurance to just temporary medical insurance! And check out tips on losing weight too.

There is insurance out there for everything – everything from boat to car to even pet insurance. My mother actually got pet insurance for her dog when it was a puppy and she is so glad that she did because that dog needed a few operations and it had many health problems. So for her this was something that was a good investment. I think that if you get insurance you just have to do your research so that you are going to be getting exactly what you need and not only that but you are getting something that is in your cost range because you also don’t want to be overpaying for that insurance either.

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Clean Your Lettuce
Posted on 07.30.12 by The Mommy Blogger @

First of all I can not stress enough that you should always wash your vegetables! They are just loaded with pesticides that you do not want to be feeding your family and loved ones. Here is a great tip for that huge picnic you are throwing. If you are in charge of making all the salads and need to wash 6 or 7 heads of lettuce….put them in a pillow case and throw it in the washing machine – my mom did this once and it really cleaned them!! Sounds weird but it worked!

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Ceylon Cinnamon
Posted on 03.01.11 by The Mommy Blogger @

If you want to stay healthy these days…it’ll cost you. That is why there are so many unhealthy people out there because it just cost less to get the garbage. Even when it comes to spices…what we get in the stores is Cassia Cinnamon as opposed to the better and True Cinnamon…Ceylong Cinnamon. The kind we get in the stores has coumerin in it which can be toxic because it is a blood thinner!

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