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Don’t Clean Too Early
Posted on 02.01.17 by The Mommy Blogger @

I always make that mistakd of cleaning too early in the year. The pollen has not even come out yet and if I clean my windows now I will just have to do them again later. The thing is that when the nice weather starts to happen I just have the urge to just start cleaning almost to just get it done with. But don’t clean too early because you will have to do it again later it seems.

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Don’t Store Your Toys With The Batteries In Them!!!
Posted on 10.23.16 by The Mommy Blogger @

Do not make the same mistake that I have made in the past. I stored all of my baby toys in the attic because of course you do not want to them around. However, when you store them and put them away for months and years at a time…TAKE OUT THE BATTERIES!! I went to get my toys out of the basement and the attic and they looked ok but they didn’t work because the batteries that were in there completely corroded the coils where the batteries go. So they don’t work – real bummer because they still look so nice and new even!

Everything needs batteries today… I swear that the toy companies are partnered with the battery companies!

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Posted on 10.01.12 by The Mommy Blogger @

I am actually fixing up a room in my home. I have to paint but I am also having flooring put in. It shouldn’t be too much of a project because it is a rather small room but it will be looking nice afterwards it is going to look really nice I hope…and it really does add up quite quickly!! You just want to make sure that when you hire that contractor that you do your research and make sure that htey are a certificed contractor. There are a lot of people out there that do not know what they are doing and say that they do. So just make sure you do your comparisons also to get the best price as well.

If you are looking for the best Remodeling Bathroom Boca Raton has to offer then check out the site to see what they offer and how they can make your bathroom into that room that you are just never going to want to leave. You’re kids giving you are hard day…now you can lock yourself in a fabulous bathroom to make that phone call that you need to make in peace and quiet. And then after all the kids went to bed you can have a nice bath in a new whirlpool tub. The bathroom and the kitchen are 2 rooms that can cost a lot of money to remodel but they can be one of the most fun rooms to redecorate. My mother redid her bathroom a few years back and she was so glad she did. For 20 years she just hated the way her bathroom looked and how it was smaller than a closet and now she has a bathroom that she just enjoys being in and she even enjoys cleaning it now! Funny what how a room can change the way you feel about your home.

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In The Breezeway
Posted on 08.26.12 by The Mommy Blogger @


I love the Renuzit Truescents. I got some to try out and I just loved it – it is in the room where I change all the diapers. But I have another room that smells bad! Actually I have 2 – the bathroom and the breezeway area. This area is a little bit of a cluttered mess so when it is hot and humid and smells a little bad. But this is also the place where all the shoes are and it kinda stinks especially when my husband puts his smelly sneakers out there.

Anyways, I went to the market this morning and got an extra one so now I have one in the bathroom, the breezeway (where there is no breeze at all) and the diaper area. My home is smelling nice now. And for $10 for a kit and $5 for the refills it is worth it. And there are coupons too right on the site you can print up and use. My sister just got a new apartment and it is rather musty smelling I think I will be getting one of these to throw in the housewarming gift I was going to get her. I was pleasantly surprised because I really do not get these sort of things for my home but I am so glad that I tried this…I love it!

Sponsored by Renuzit Tri Scents

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