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Super Household Tips For Moms!!

Posted on 11.17.09 by The Mommy Blogger @

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Sponsored Tweets. All opinions are 100% mine.


Here is a new one for you all….IZEA now has SponsoredTweets – so you are going to want to sign up for sponsored tweets right now. This is a new marketplace so that you can actually help to make money off or the Tweets. I just checked it out and I am very excited about it and have just signed up. I have a Twitter account and I use it – not as much as my facebook account though because I like how face book is set up for what I use it for. It is kinda cool though because they have a few celebrities that are joining as well like Bob Vila, Sister Hazel, Kim Kardashian and even Leann Rimes. So, people big and small can make money from tweeting!! And they have a new disclosure enging as well as a referral program and API so it is exciting times at IZEA and if you are not already on board with all the cool things that they have to offer then now is thet time to hop on board! Maybe even the twitter developers will start using their great ideas!


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Work At Home Dream
Posted on 08.28.09 by The Mommy Blogger @

If you are looking for a great gusiness opportunity then you have to check out the MoneyMakerClub. This site has a ton of great information out there to help you earn that extra income…and who does not want to do that….working at home is probably a dream for most all working moms…myself included!

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Get Paid To Blog
Posted on 08.11.09 by The Mommy Blogger @

Here is a list of blogging sites that I know about where you can get paid. You can’t go and quit your job but it is nice to make a little extra each month either to pay a bill or spoil the kids 🙂

PayPerPost – Fabulous!
PayU2Blog – Actual product reviews – Love them!!
Review Me
Sponsored Reviews
Paid Post
Paying Post
Blog To Profit
Social Spark
Blogging Ads
Blog for Bucks
Buy Blogs
Contextual Ads
Niner Niner
Blog Rolled

I would say that more than 1/2 on this list are total duds though and do not give you anything at all! And some were great and now have fizzled to nothing.

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Stay At Home Mom Scams!!
Posted on 04.15.09 by The Mommy Blogger @

For years I have been racking my brain trying to find a way to be able to stay at home with my kids and make a little extra income. Why should I work just to pay other people to watch my kids? Not to mention missing the best years with them that you can NEVER get back.
I’ve tried everything and have gotten suckered in by so many scams because so many mothers are desperate to find that one thing that will allow them to just be a stay at home mom. Mothers are scammers #1 target because they prey on the weak and when it comes to finding opportunities to stay home with our kids…we are weak.
I’ve compiled a list of things that I’ve really tried to worn mothers not to bother with these scams. These do not work and they only make one person money – the person selling you this useless information.

*Mystery Shoppers
*Make Money Taking Surveys
*Get Paid To Drive
*Pyramid Schemes
*Chain Letters
*Stay At Home and Type
*Books or Downloads on How To Make Money

Anything that required you to spend any money at all usually results in money lost not gained. So beware Moms….they’re out to get you!!!

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